1. my mouth was watering just reading this…
    sounds wonderful!

  2. France is banning the burqa? Very interesting…….

  3. When I finished the article, I was so hungry for the same meal all over again!

  4. Oh my… I wish we had been with you for this! The menu is exquisite and I love the seven vegetables! I do think I had it in Fez back in the 90s. Thanks for the notes on the cookbook used! I would love to discuss the use of the tagine to serve the couscous AND the tagine. When I was in Moroc, I was told that they always remained separate. The couscous came out on a platter, and then the tagine in a tagine afterwards. This was especially important as women were allowed to make the couscous (considered a coarse dish) and men only made the tagine (a fine dish). Have you ever heard that? Bises, David

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