1. That photo of Pal is perfectly priceless. Could he be any more sincerely wanting just a wee taste? I'm guessing that you made the croquettes wrapped with the red ribbon and that cute little tag as well? Of course you did. *#&>% (word filled with bitter envy). And loving the mise en place. You're getting so good at it!

  2. These look delicious and very much like biscotti in Italy. And I would be right there with you dipping them in the wine. Also, the photo of Pal is truly perfect – and catches her spirit wonderfully. (And her love of cookies!) My calissons have arrived, and perhaps I need to make some cro_____ (fill in the blank).

    Bisous, David

  3. I did make the little bag of croquettes…because they are so simple and quick to make! Yes, Pal loves them–she's like a cat after catnip! I wonder if d'Agneau would like them…hmmm.

  4. I know you and Mark would like these…maybe as much as Pal!! They are France's version of biscotti although the cookie has less flour in it (I think) and the orange flower water gives it a distinctive taste. We will have to make some! Bis, S

  5. Hello, I am so enjoying reading your posts on Provence as I am planning on a visit there this year. Please advise me on the best markets to visit for sourcing textiles, linen and ceramics. As I come from far I need to be spot on with my choices. Many Thanks

  6. Hi Jennifer, Forgive me for my long delay in responding. All the big market will have good selctions of what you are interested in. St. Remy market is particularly good, as I recall. Tarascon has the well-known Souleiado textile museum where their fabric may also be purchased. Lourmarin, Gordes and Rousillon, too. Le Castellet, a tiny village, is where I found some of my favorite tablecloths…in stores. Good luck and have fun!

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