1. Very interesting post, Susan, but uncharacteristically you goofed! Rooibos is a different plant entirely from the others you mentioned…good tea, but taxonomically unrelated.

  2. What a WONDERFUL read! Can't wait to try some of these teas…oops, thes…If I could only turn the clock back 18 yrs, my last apt in NYC was located on w. 69 St between CPW & Columbus…right around the corner from their new location! What irony! I couldn't find a website for their French store. How did you order from them? Being in Malta, it would be easier for me to order from France than from NYC. Please compliment W.T. on his excellent photography! Most appealing!!! and tell him my favorite tea is Lapsang Souchong, so am eager to try his favorite French variety of 'smokey'. Happy New Year!!! xo Clotilde

  3. Okay, Susan – you KNOW that I know nothing about tea and have never even tried the brew! But this post almost makes me want to. If I ever were to start, I think I would need to start with something completely herbal… Any suggestions?

    Mark and I send our love and warmest wishes for the new Year – if you are around, you know where we will be hiding (with Cubby & Clarence)! 🙂

  4. Oooops…Thanks, Linda, for having my back. Indeed, Rooibos comes from the plant, Aspalathus linearis. Interestingly, the plant is a member of the legume (Fabaceae) family. It is referred to as an "herbal tea" or "tisane" because it is naturally free of caffeine. Tea, on the other hand, comes from the plant Camellia sinensis (and is naturally caffeinated).

    Thanks Linda!

  5. I have always been a fan of Mariage Freres tea–it looks like I will have to seek out some Palais des Thes tea! Nice post! Brian

  6. Hi Cloe, I wish you were here to try some! At least you know exactly where to go to buy it, but until then, the French web address is http://www.palaisdesthes.com/fr/ . (After reading your comment, I added it to the text above, too.)
    The next time you are in the States, you will have to stop by for sweet potato pie and tea!
    Thanks so much for your comment!

  7. I thought of you as I wrote this, wondering if you would try one of these teas….we can pair it with foie gras!

    Will you guys be under the table again? I wish I could drop by to give each of you my biggest wishes for a wonderful 2014 in person!

  8. Hi Kirsten, I would love to take one of their classes. It seems there is so much to learn in order to taste, not to mention blend the teas! Have a wonderful new year, filled with rewarding adventures!

  9. Hi Brian! I, too, like Mariage Frères tea. Have you ever had a meal at one their Maisons de Thé? We have been to the one in the 6th arrondissement in Paris– a beautiful tea salon with wonderful food. And, yes, do try some tea from Palais des Thés! Thanks for dropping by the blog!

  10. Enjoyed this, LOVED the photography. Makes me wish I hadn't given up caffeine (except it made me so shaky, I'd knock over furniture, not the best scenario when working in a museum). For me it's just rooibos, now; thank heavens it has the gorgeous color that I've long associated with a comforting cup. Beautiful collection of porcelain you have!

  11. We just picked up a blend of rooibos and chamomile (from Palais des Thés) that is absolutely terrific–perfect for nighttime or, if one prefers to stay away from caffeine at all times, it would be very appealing all day long. Thanks for your compliment, too!

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