1. Bernadette Beekman, a TMT subscriber who lives in New York City, just made me aware of what looks like a very cool place–a French market/bakery/restaurant on the Upper East Side called Marché du Sud.

    "They sell a box of calissons of about 250 grams for about $25 here in NYC!!"


    I will check it out next time I am in New York and un grand merci to Bernadette!

  2. What a wonderful tradition for Christmas…I'm excited to try one of the many Calissons recipes I've found on line. Thanks you so much Susan for introducing us to this beautiful tradition.
    Denise R

  3. I love calissons! Thanks for such interesting history!!

  4. I've never before been tempted to try calissons because, like you, I am not at all a lover of anything made with candied fruit. But after reading this post and seeing the superb photos, my mouth is watering and can't wait to go out and find some calissons of my very own! Merci.

  5. How could I have missed calissons during my trips to Provence? They look divine. Thanks Susan for writing an article about them.

  6. I just love calissons – and had my first from Byrne and Carlson in Portsmouth before actually seeing them in Aix when we were all there! I think I am going to need to order some for Christmas now… This is a really fun series, Susan – I can't wait for the others. Bisous, David

    P.S. – love the plate on which they were photographed! 🙂

  7. Such an interesting post as I hadn't heard of this tradition. Weren't you lucky for find them in Boston as it is hard finding some items here in New Hampshire.

  8. I adore Calissons especially the chocolate ones from Puyricard, there is a small Puyricard shop tucked away in Aix and I make a bee line for it every time I visit for Chocolate Calissons and truly divine chocolates.

  9. Hi Denise,
    If you make calissons, I would love to hear how they turn out!! Please let me know!
    There are some really wonderful Christmas traditions in Provence (and around the world, including in our own country). I happened to see this good article in "France Today" which highlights some of the traditions of "Christmas in France" and mentions calissons– http://bit.ly/1aVPP1k

    Thanks so much for your note, Denise!

  10. Bernadette,
    Again, thanks so much for this scoop and all the other good information you provided via email. I look forward to following up on these things!

  11. Hmmm…that's a mystery. Although if you weren't near Aix or looking for them, I can see how you might not have noticed them. I am confident you won't miss them on your next trip!

  12. From Toronto, Ontario Canada:

    I purchased a box of eight Calissons from 'Douce France' on Yonge Street in Toronto: doucefrance.ca. The owner hails from Paris and opened her delightful shop in spring 2013. Everything she sells is imported from France.

  13. Let me know what you think….have them with a little espresso or a sweet wine (a good Beaumes de Venise). Thanks, Pamela, for your note!

  14. We just double checked with Portsmouth's Byrne and Carlson–they no longer carry them. But, there is no shortage of their outstanding chocolates! Would you ever think about making them? You would be up to the task!

  15. You are right about the challenges we NH folks face in putting our hands on certain items (otherwise referred to as esoteric)…but, in this case, even in Boston, it was pure luck that brought the box of calissons and me together! Thanks, Karen, for your note!

  16. I must confess that I've never had a chocolate covered one but others–whose palates I respect–claim, as you do, that they are terrific. I do know their chocolates (very well!!) although I've only been to their factory! Thank you so much for pointing out that there is a location (even two, I see on their website) in Aix! Thanks so much, Rosemary, for your note and good tips!

  17. Yet another reason to visit Toronto and poke around Yonge Street! It's been too long since I've been up there! I have a fair number of readers (and relatives) in that neck of the woods–I hope they are reading this! Thanks, Victoria, for such a good tip!

  18. Idon't know whether it was the delicious looking pictures,courtesy of T Manfull, or the mouth watering descriptions,courtesy of S Manfull,of the calissoons, but I have a great desire to try them ! They are by far the most appealing dessert I have ever seen !!

    I hope to find out for myself whether they are as tantalyzing as they look!!

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