1. Susan – I did an exchange with a Parisian family when I was 17 years old. They took me with them to Guethary, near Biarritz, for a two week vacation. So many things about that trip left an indelible impression on me, but one of the most lasting effects was a love of espadrilles! All the French teens, who seemed impossibly chic, were wearing them. I can still remember the tiny shop where I bought my first pair for about $3. I still search them out and never buy ones made anywhere but France or Spain. Thanks for a walk down memory lane! – Kirsten

  2. Vernis August 27, 2012

    Susan, had I known you were buying espadrilles, I would have ordered 10 pairs, at the very least……especially the blue and white striped ones!!!

  3. I have never tried espadrilles but wish I had gotten myself a pair when we were over! Do you remember looking all over for them AFTER we had been to Isle-sur-la-Sorgue? We finally found some in Lourmarin to bring back to my colleague… It is fun to know the history, and I loved the photos of all the actors wearing them. So cool… ~ David

  4. I loved learning the background on these wonderful summer shoes! I still have (and wear) some old ones bought in Collioure with our mutual friends, Mary and Brian. Thanks so much for this!

  5. a price per pair?

  6. 4 for 24 euros–when I was at the market last August! They are terrific!

  7. Are you able to remember where I might find these in the market? Headed there this weekend for the 1st time and want to be sure I find them (not sure how big/daunting the market is).

  8. Hi Christina, The espadrille stand is on the place de la Liberté between the Baroque 17th century church and the Café de France (definitely worth a stop for a café crème or a salade chèvre). Ask anyone where either of those places are and he or she can direct you! And, yes, the market can daunting although, now, it will be much less crowded.Have fun and do let me know how you make out!!

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