1. with this post you have cemented my desire to really really plan a trip there. great photos, mouthwatering food descriptions and wonderful walks all with crystal clear waters nearby. an idyllic spot for sure. thanks for the great posting. gg

  2. The Chateau and our visit to Sormiou has to have been one of the highlights of our visit to Provence. It is exactly as you said, Susan, a place where time seems to stand still. Although it has been almost 4 years since we were there, I can still feel the languor of that day, taste the freshness of our fish and delight in the stunning views as we hiked to the top. Our time there seemed to have filled an entire day, yet somehow we played in Marseille as well. How does that happen?

  3. Everyone should make a space on their "Bucket List" to include this lovely place. It was beautifully described and the pictures were inviting. But hurry before this paradise is discovered and the tourists arrive !!

  4. We sailed (or rather motored) into a couple of the calanques when we were on our way from Marseilles to the Ile des Embiez in 1979. They are, indeed, a natural wonder but a little intimidating since we were all alone and hoping that our charts were up to date. We had a memorable time in Cassis the next day as a storm turned all the streets leading into rivers, depositing lots of flotsam in the lovely harbor.

  5. Hi gg!
    It truly is an idyllic spot~You would love it! I would love to see the photos you surface with! Thanks for the kind feedback!

  6. THAT was a fabulous day, from start to finish! From the old port in Marseille to our long walk, every moment was memorable! Thanks so much for your note, David!

  7. I need to make a bucket list! Les Calanques are definitely a worthy contender for any one's list. And, yes, you are right about doing it sooner rather than later. One of the reasons that many people did not want to have the area designated a National Park is because they feel the number of tourists visiting will skyrocket.

    Thanks for your thoughtful note.


  8. Oh my–THAT would be a most memorable trip! From the beauty of nature to the havoc it can wreak…. It sounds like a real adventure!

    Thanks so much for your note.


  9. Several readers sent emails to me, asking for the telephone number of Le Chateau. Oooops…how did I forget that?!

    Within France, the number is 04 91 25 08 69. And they are open "7j/7 – Midi et soir"!

    Have fun!

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