1. Hi Susan,
    I loved reading the story of your homes in Loumarin and the video was really fun. Two years ago we traveled through Provence and the Languedoc to view several homes which had shares for sale. In each case the 5 homes were the grandest in the village and beautifully furnished. Sadly, most were in dying wine villages and so we did not purchase. We had been interested in purchasing our own fixer…but you are right in your statement that you must speak fluent French…lucky, lucky you that you have mastered French…Congrats on a beautiful reno and sale. :0)

    Denise McMahon Rheault
  2. What an incredible journey! The photos are great, and the video really adds so much! Great job, Alex! I am not sure if I had seen the empty shells, if I would have had the vision you had for these tow homes. I am so glad we had the chance to stay in L'Oustaloun that wonderful summer…

  3. Your Mother's story of missing the chance to buy a California beach house when she could have bought one for a song, we call that an "if only I da" real estate tale. So good for you plunging ahead with your home in Provence. Merci Kathy

  4. Misty water colored memories… This feels like it was yesterday and a thousand years ago all at once. What a wonderful time. Champagne in espresso cups and coctails on the commode. Got a little weepy watching Alex's video. Makes me want to do it all again. Would we? Could we?

  5. You are exactly right. We didn't want to say "If only I da" years down the path of life. And now, while we no longer own the Provence property, we have some wonderful memories and wonderful friends.

  6. The vision for the project came from many brain-storming sessions. It would have been so fun to have you and Mark on the team!

  7. Hi Denise,
    Thanks so much for your note. You are right–where you choose to buy is so important. You can't take the house out of the village, so you have to love the house and the village! And re speaking French, at least one of us mastered French–my husband–I need another immersion course to revive mine! Or, as a good friend always says, "You could buy another house!"

  8. The wonderful memories Chet and I have of staying in your apartment was enhanced by reading your blogg complete with video and photos. It is a very special place and town. I can understand why you could not resist taking the plunge. We are so glad you went for it. We are spending three weeks in France next month, but sadly won't be traveling to Lourmarin. Next time for sure. Thank you for your blogg that I look forward to reading regularly! Mary Jane

  9. Hi Mary Jane,
    Thanks for your lovely note. Stay tuned for a post on "renting the apartment" and another on "selling it". Where will you be in France? I will be going over soon and hope to finally get to Lou Pebre, per your recommendation (and that of many others). I love your painting of a scene from Lou Pebre!

  10. how lovely to read your blog minutes after I had put in a request to rent it for a week this July! Do you still own it?!

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