1. Wow – that looks just fantastic. I will have to make that soon! I recently made a Provençal seafood stew (with chickpeas!) and can assure everyone that these types of seafood and fish dishes are perfect for pairing with a rosé. I also can't wait to make the rouille – I had no idea they contained potatoes!

  2. I wish I had been at your table for this one. Though available, the Mediterranean fish traditionally used in this recipe have become so expensive here in Provence. I wanted to do a bouillabaisse for our "clandestine" suppers here last summer but but found that the ingredients were trop cher for what we were charging. Good to know that any fish is appropriate for a true bouillabaisse, provided it's fresh, with a balance of fatty and lean varieties.

  3. Oh, and throw Provence Food and Wine:The Art of Living in your suitcase so we can whip up some recipies when you're here in June. Do you have a copy of François Millo's Le Vin Rosé?

  4. This looks so inviting and beautifully, colorfully like Provence. I am salivating! It amazes me how you have brought this delicious region of France to life so perfectly upon your New England table for those oh so lucky guests about to be transported to the sights, aromas, tastes, conversation, smiles and enjoyment of time spent savoring the joyous occasion a meal in or of Provence provides. When and where in the world should we recreate or try other pages? I bet it was those luscious figs on that cover drew you in Susan. Thank you Susan and Towny for sharing your discovery and bringing it to us with those wonderful photographs!

  5. Yes, it really was good and, as Viktorija said to me, it couldn't help but be a party! Well, ending with your lemon tart would make it perfect!

  6. Sounds like it is clearly not a "plat des pauvres" any longer. Like lobster in New England–once the lunch of the poor (although recently prices have gone down due to high catches.) Maybe we should go down to one of the ports when I am there!!

  7. Provence Food and Wine is already in a stack ready to be packed. I don't have Le Vin Rosé…would be a good addition (if I spoke French well enough–maybe we could offer to translate!). In any case, I like your plan!

  8. Thanks for those kind words, Patti. It was a fun and festive dinner. And, yes, I love those figs! (You know me….)

  9. I am not a huge fan of fish but you have made the meal look delicious. I would love some of that lemon tart and the before-dinner drink sounds very good!

  10. I'm not to keen on most fish stews that I have tried but I'm sure it was probably the varieties of fish used. What I do like is the recipe for the rouille made with potatoes.

    Karen (Back Road Journal)
  11. Why didn't I hear about this Event, living in Boston and rto Provence for many years

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