1. What a thorough and information-packed article, Susan! Love all the photos of pink, pink, pink! I have to say, I 'drank the Koolaid' and, after my first bottle of Whispering Angel, I am hooked on Chateau d'Esclans, too! That bottle (2013) was amazing with the Provençal seafood stew I made. Can't wait for my next bottle! And more from you about rosés that are trending! ~ David

  2. I am part of a group that gets together once a month to taste wines. I was reluctant at first but because we were gong to Provence and Languedoc where we intended to visit a lot of wineries, I joined. I am learning so much about the things you wrote about here and having a great time doing it. The winery part of our French trip was a blast and I am still part of the group, loving it. I am going to look for the rozay wines you tasted. Any other recommendations? Valerie

  3. David, I am so glad you liked the Whispering Angel. It is a particularly versatile rosé that is brilliant on its own and can hold its own with a serving of the Provençal stew you mentioned as well as foods difficult to match like Indian food! I will have a lot more to say about rosés after the second tasting and food pairing in NYC.

  4. You are so right! Informal wine tastings are a great way to learn about the wines and to discern what pleases your palate. I wrote a booklet about wine tasting and another about planning a wine tasting party. If you would like one (or both), send me your address (privately, via email) and I will mail them to you. Do you have some favorite rosés? Enjoy!

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