1. I was first taken with the beauty of it all. Then a sense of serenity takes over. Simple rooms or not, I would love to stay there.

  2. It is indeed a beautiful place. I can’t wait to write about the wine, too, as they really have a unique palette of flavors owing to its location. I was very disappointed not to be able to stay there.

  3. Thank you, Susan – for a wonderful piece about the island, and also for the Liqueur Sénancole! It was a real treat, made all teh more special by the story you tell of this magical place. I am really looking forward to the wine article!

    1. It felt magical as soon as we put our feet on the ground. Very serene. Next time I am taking a bathing suit and a picnic! (I know where to buy the wine for our lunch!)

  4. How much fun! I wish I could go through the whole island!

    1. Within 20 minutes, one is in a different world! It was great fun and I highly recommend a visit!

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