1. You have many amazing blog entries, yet I think this is my all-time favourite. I love Gerard Isirdi’s work and smile every morning that I wake to one of his prints. Learning of his work with your daughter Alex was delightful to envision. Reading his advice to young artists was thought provoking. I love the line, “enter the cage and be the bird.” I so hope to visit his atelier one day. Thank you for this wonderful piece.

  2. Susan, quel travail magnifique, merci mille fois pour ce superbe article qui vient directement du coeur. Nous sommes très fiers Christine et moi. On vous embrasse tous les trois

    Gérard Christine Isirdi
    1. Le plaisir était entièrement à moi. J’ai aimé apprendre plus au sujet des graines qui se sont poussées dans ton passion pour la peinture. C’était particulièrement amusement pour te joindre sur la terrasse de Gaby et pour apprécier une vue si près de tes mains au travail.

  3. Thanks, Susan, for this wonderful blog! It was wonderful to see him at work–his hands flying over the canvas with paint–now I see that image when I look at his work.
    I wonder if he misses the blue and white awnings of my Gaby of a few years ago.

    1. I wonder…that would have been a fun question! Watching Gerard paint was fascinating–the video does a pretty good job capturing that movement. Thanks so much for popping by!

  4. I am sorry we didn’t get to meet Isirdi when we were there – but I have always admired his work in your home! I also remember the story about you “bothering” him and how protective that ma was… His work – more than anyone else’s – reminds me of Raoul Dufy!

  5. The video of Isirdi working at the cafe is wonderful, especially peeking over his shoulder as he whisks over the canvas. Imagine seeing how other painters working in the south (Bonnard, Matisse, etc.) in a similar fashion would be today.

  6. Excellent Susan. I especially liked watching him paint. I have given many of his prints as gifts – they so capture the feel of La Provence – since first seeing his work chez toi. Next time I deserve a little treat will get one of my very own!

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