1. I loved Café Gaby when we were there… for the food and the photo ops. I am glad Marco has it now, and I look forward to returning!

  2. From an outside table at Café Gaby I saw two dogs have a conversation. One dog, inside the café, barked a bunch. Another dog trotted down the street, went into the café and checked the scene.

    Both came out, calm, and outdoor dog left the way he came.

    I was drinking rosé and eating tomato salad. It was sunny, but spring-chilled enough for a scarf.

    1. The dogs…a whole nother story, eh? Great afternoon with rosé, tomato salad, and dog watching! Thanks, Jill!

  3. May, 2014….cafe gaby was the best place to kill a bottle of rose and watch the other tourists walk by…never knowing what they were missing !

    1. Completely agree! I wish we could mount a videocam and watch the action from home…but, of course, it would pale in comparison to a table on the terrace with a bottle of rosé! thanks, Wayne, for your comment!

  4. What a fond portrait you create of this café and its owner. Thank you for bringing back many warm memories of Lourmarin.

    1. Ah, your welcome. It was a pleasure to chat with Marco and as I wrote the article, it brought back many memories for me, too. Thank you, Marjorie!

  5. Such a great story about Marco, Susan! He is so nice to one and all (not always the case at village cafés) with his quiet manner and sweet pleasant face. And Gaby’s is close to my heart as I had my first crème there, with you, the day I moved to Provence!

      1. Yes. December 4th 2002 to be exact.

  6. Thank you for this, Susan. During our stays at La Bonbonniere & L’Oustalon, Marco became as much a part of our experience of Lourmarin as the market, the bells, & the passing scene. We look forward to seeing him again soon. In the meantime, it was great to learn a bit more about our favourite Loumarinois.

    1. Hi Elaine and Allan, Well put…Marco is as much a part of the Lourmain fabric as the icons you mention! Thanks for the nice feedback!

  7. Love, love, love this gem of a man, especially this year when a few wekks ago i returned to Lourmarin and Marc greeted with a big hug and kisses, it truly made me feel like I belonged. Thanks for a great post Susan!

    1. Hi Caroline, I share your feelings about Marco and I know we have the same feelings about many aspects of Lourmarin! Thanks for dropping in!

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