1. As someone with a food allergy, this really made me so happy. First, I can really identify with a single-portion-separate plate; it really sets you apart and NOT in a good way. It makes you feel guilty that your host had to go to extra trouble, when all they needed to do was make a meal that everyone can eat. I hope that on our next trip to Provence, we get to eat at La Fenière and Claudette. I am confident my allergy won’t be an issue for once…

    Thanks for a great post, Susan!

    1. Hi David, Talking with Nadia really made me think about the “separate plate” serving, something I confess to have done to guests. She is passionate about her new endeavors and I wish her great success!

  2. In with the new generation. Her vision based on her personal history with food, training, energy, adaptability and far reach should propel her to achieve a like level of success as her folks. Bringing beautiful cuisine to those who previously thought they were unable to partake will draw folks in to her sphere. Let’s try next year when we return.

  3. Do I understand correctly that the gastro resto L’Auberge de Fenière is closing permanently and the only restaurant will be the more casual Claudette?

    1. I don’t know if the gastro restaurant is closing permanently–it was closed when I was there, Nadia told me it was “closed,” and since then, (incredulous) friends have called and told it was closed.

      And, apparently, there is now some question as to whether the name will indeed change, as I was told, but I can’t get to the bottom of this!

      For those of us who have enjoyed the gastro side, it is hard to imagine.

      1. Thanks, Susan. I know we can count on you to keep us posted!

        1. Hi again Marjorie,
          Just to be clear, the restaurant itself is closed. There is a menu, “La Degustation de Reine” which is Reine’s traditional cuisine, offered in what had been called La Cour.
          Thanks for your kind feedback.

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