1. I wish I had visited this Museum! Thanks for sharing the extra
    ordinary passion of this man and his family.

  2. Homme grenouille du futur: Bien sûr, pourquoi pas?

    Merveilleuses danseuses polinisiennes!

    Musée fascinant!

    Merci, Suzanne!



  3. Hi Susan, I always think the world needs these, well what shall I say "eccentric people" who go against the grain, or some may say, against the norm, not only do I like what they do but in that they start to show us how their mind works, I also admire them, thanks for the article
    Kind regards

  4. I've always wanted to go to this museum, too, but never have managed it.
    I like what you said about the museum offering a window into the heart
    of one man and his passions. We'll be over in the fall and will make a
    point of finally getting there.

  5. Quirky, eclectic, unusual, it really doesn't matter what people call a museum like this. It is nice that it was created and still shared by his family.

    Karen (Back Road Journal)
  6. I agree. I would only add that the exhibitions best come to life when his family accompanies you. They are always there so visitors can get the story of Monsieur Mazoyer and it is that that make the visit worthwhile.

  7. That is exactly what I think. I am told that people around here thought Monsieur Mazoyer was crazy but maybe a few people said to be "crazy" keep the world in perspective! (I underscore that "crazy" is in quotes!)

  8. Hi Sue, I would love to hear your thoughts–we really need to meet sometime! Make sure to ask for Nicole to accompany you!

  9. What a great experience, Susan! I don't even remember seeing this museum in Ansouis but, then again, was obsessed that day with a very special birthday lunch! I hope to get back so I can visit this place!

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