1. There really is nothing like a good rotisserie chicken! I remember having one in Lourmarin, and Mark does not. Do you remember if we had one, Susan?

    It is so nice of you to acknowledge the hard work of the market vendors. I was thinking of that ts morning when I went to the market here in Tucson. We are lucky to have such decidcated farmers and artisans in our communities!

  2. Although both the chicken & the roast pork are wonderful, let me put in a word for their ham, as well. When we returned to Lourmarin this past fall, one of the things we most looked forward to was a slice (or two, or three) of the boned ham, stuffed with herbs, with its sweet, garlicky crust. And it didn't disappoint. In fact, just thinking about it has me salivating now.

  3. Absolutely! I wouldn't let you two come to Lourmarin without having one! And, I happen to have a photo at the table with you, Mark, and the chicken! Mark looks very happy! Okay, we'll have to do it again….

  4. Allan, I know you must like La Rôtisserie du Luberon as I think you reminded me of their name a few posts back, right? I have not tried their ham but I definitely will on the next trip! Have you tried the ham (or salmon) from the fellow in Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue? I don't know his name but that is all he sells–he is pictured in another post I wrote: http://moderntroubadours.blogspot.com/2011/07/10-markets-in-provence-plan-to-spend.html I just mention him in case you are in that area on a Sunday–no need to go there for ham if La Rôtisserie is nearby! Thanks for your note!

  5. Loved the story of your Thanksgiving in Provence. We had ours across the mountain in Bonnieux in 2004 and ordered a turkey through the butcher shop in Apt. We had a huge turkey… and a huge bill too. Over 100 euro!! Mon dieu! But I do love the idea of Americans gathering together around the world for some version of our traditional Thanksgiving meal.

  6. OMG! How absolutely beautiful!!! We treasure the memories! I can smell the dinner and feel the warmth of the holiday!! THANK YOU for the post!

  7. Mon Dieu is right! I hope that bird fed all of Bonnieux!! What a story–I suspect it's been repeated a number of times now, accompanied by more and more warm-hearted laughter as the years have passed! Thanks, Kathy, for sharing!

  8. They are very generous with their sides. I remember getting a chicken but the onions and potatoes were gone! Very nice post.

  9. Having recently arrived in Lourmarin I can’t wait to check out the Veyriers and their rotisserie. Friday come soon!

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