1. Hello Susan & Towny,
    For the Susan-day (11th), some words…
    A good day, first… "Un grand soulagement" : famous "jeu de mots", in french… Great, this new Wine-zine !
    Mumu & Pierrot

  2. Ooooh my! My husband experienced the same soaking in the rest room at a TVA station… The chamber went completely dark inside. He was pounding on the door and shouting for us to get an attendant to unlock the door. The only visible attendants were those in the station all with backed-up lines of ticket purchasers. I, being the supportive wife that I am and our daughter stood outside the chamber door and laughed hysterically until tears were running down our faces…it still causes a fit of giggles to this day. (0:

    Denise McMahon Rheault
  3. We are just back from a month in France. I too was amazed and pleased by the bathrooms! Uniformly, modern, even sometimes elegant, clean, well designed. Even in small bistros or in more public facilities. A far cry from my memories of being there as a student in the 60's. And much nicer than 90% of the bathrooms in the US.

  4. Susan,

    A fun report on updated modern toilets: Merci bien! The immediate
    past mayor of Paris, Bertrand Délanoë, had the parisian toilet
    facilities updated and made them FREE OF CHARGE!

    And yes, they are, often enough, 'hors service'. Can be
    frustrating, especially if indicator light says 'occupé' when it is, in
    fact 'hors service'! Inutile waiting results…

    AND (As you point out): be sure and have your own small packet of
    mouchoirs (tissues) handy as they will, often enough, come in very


  5. Hi Henry,
    Thanks for the update. Should you see any interesting facilities while over in the motherland, let us know!

  6. Antonia,
    Much improved from the 70s, too, when I was first poking around France. Although, I have heard from several people this morning that my take on the "squat" toilet was far too sanitized. I guess it depends on where you are, which is true for anywhere in the world (but I hasten to add the probability of finding a decent facility drops considerably in some countries!). Thanks for your note!

  7. Denise,
    I laughed out loud with this story! Is your husband laughing yet? Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ah Pierrot et Mumu,
    I am glad you liked the play on words–headlines are sometimes hard to get just right! Glad you like the WineZine–I am hoping you will have some scoop from your domaine for me!

  9. I am all signed up for the WineZine, and now all set for facilities knowledge next time we make it to Lourmarin! As little a thing as this seems, it is a big deal! In the words of Monty Python, "Flush away! Flush away!" (Or was that "Run away! Run away!"?)

  10. I must be doing something wrong as I gernerally end up with backsplash from the knees down!

  11. This really made me chuckle! Some where along the line, the Pythons must have shouted, "Flush away! Flush away!"

    And glad you are all signed up for the Provence WineZine. Tell all your friends!

  12. Your post gave me a chuckle because I have experienced most of those toilets while in France. The squat toilets can still be found at some of the pull offs on the expressways…new facilities but still squats. I had to explain to a friend that she must watch that the cuffs of her pants didn't dangle down. 🙂

    Karen (Back Road Journal)

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