1. Susan, thanks for introducing us to Vaugines! A place in the Luberon we've never been… but next time!

  2. Susan,

    Makes me want to move there – if my house ever sells!



  3. I would love to hear your impressions–let me know! Thanks for your note, Kathy!

  4. Good to hear from you, Henry! Vaugines is a very special place…I hope your house sells soon! Thanks for your comment!

  5. We have stopped several times at the church in Vaugines to sit on the bench where Yves Montand's character registers the horrible reality of his actions. Wonderful story and great filmmaking! I have never explored the village, but will do so next time I go to Provence — which will be a while since I just returned on Saturday. I was in Lourmarin for about four days. I understand fully why you are hooked.

  6. Susan,
    Nice Blog. I Particulary enjoyed hearing about that happy interesting couple that you met and made tentative arrangements to meet at the same place, same time next year.
    Knowing you and your husband and your generous invitations, I fully expect to hear one day they willl be invited to a delicious dinner at their home. I will mark my calendar !!!

  7. Kirsten,
    Lourmarin is definitely where I choose to stay but Vaugines is a lovely place for solitude. They do have a fête votive in August and I would love to go to see the more social side of the village. As I wrote, the pizza is quite good at L'Origan and an evening under the stars is very inviting!

    Good to know you are home safely and I hope it was a productive trip!

  8. I am not sure that I made it clear in the post that the couple don't live in Vaugines, making it all the more interesting that we should see them in the same spot two years in a row. we missed each other last year! I do really look forward to seeing them and would relish the thought of having them over for dinner!

  9. How wonderful that you have kept up with that lovely couple since the day we were there together and met them! I had no idea that they didn't live there – how amazing that you saw them again there. I loved the church but don't remember that we explored the village. Next time, we must! ~ David

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