1. Merci bien! Thanks so much! Fun reading about the twelve days of Xmas. and la
    Gallette des Rois. When I say to someone, 'How's your Xmas. Season going?', They might say they 'had a good Xmas.' Then I might say, 'That first day of Xmas. was relaxing and enjoyable with friends and we're now in the eighth

    Bonne Année! to you and yours.

    All the best,

  2. Being Queen for a day was the most "delicious" honor I've ever received. As the Queen, I will rule that everyone have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

    May 2013 be a lucky year for all. Above all, may it bring health, wealth, and wisdom

  3. Being under the table takes on a whole new meaning! Nice post.

  4. I adore our new Queen! And I am glad she got it, being so close to her birthday! Now, I must ask – how could you NOT give us an official recipe? I need details, chère amie! ~ David

  5. Hi Henry,
    I completely agree–12 days of Christmas is much better than one!

  6. What a fun evening we had! I really encourage everyone to celebrate the Day of the Epiphany with a Galette des Rois next year!

  7. The Queen was great…and her subjects rose to the occasion in splendid form!

    Ah, the recipe…I think you could fine tune it for us all, but basically it requires:

    a package of puff pastry (two sheets), about a pound.

    about a cup of ground almonds (like you, I like Trader Joe's)

    about 1/3 cup sugar (maybe a little more)

    about a half-cube butter, softened

    2 eggs (sometimes I just use one but save some of yolk to glaze the top of the cake)

    dash of vanilla

    dash of cream

    Preheat oven to 400F

    Combine the almonds, sugar, butter, vanilla, cream, and egg(s). Should be the consistency of a paste.

    Roll out each sheet of pastry and cut into a circle about 10 inches wide.

    Put one circle of pastry on baking tray and spread the paste evening. Place the trinket into the paste.

    Place the second sheet on top and press the two pieces together around the edge. Glaze with remaining egg yolk. Using a sharp knife, decorate/cross-cross the top of the galette.

    Bake on bottom rack for about 30 minutes–but watch it. Should be golden. Serve warm. (It can be reheated at about 350F for a few minutes.)

    Make sure to forewarn guests about the trinket! Have a crown ready!

    Let me know what you think…I would like to fine tune the measurements!

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