1. I love the concept of combining the photography and painting. And that the 'real' is in black and white, while the 'fantasy' is in color. Kind of Wizard of Oz-ish! Alas, we wont' be able to get there, but at least had a mini-tour through TMT. Thanks! ~ David

  2. This exhibit looks so cool. I wish we could jump on a plane and go back!

  3. Susan,
    Thank you and Jacqueline Bricard for bring back the NAIFS for an encore.

    They are my favorite group of people. Their eyes are so penetrating and pure. The brilliant colors radiate happiness and trust. I doubt these trusting beings could survive in our world today, for they could detect pure evil in the making.

    Let's hope love will prevail and save us all. Long live the NAIFS and their spirit.

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