1. Susan & Towny – LOVED the cat pics. I used to have 2 marmalade cats years ago. These days David is allergic to cats so the days of a kitty curled on my lap are no more, sadly.

  2. These are fantastic but one I will use often is: Je crois que je vais cracher une boule de poils. Merci! ~ David

  3. 10 MILLION CATS !!!!
    My mother always said "if you can't say something nice ….. No, No, that wasn't MY mother, so I guess I can say it. OMG What a nightmare !!!!! Is it over yet ? Can I open my eyes?

    On second thought, how lucky could 10 million cats get ? They have landed in Provence, where both the country and the people are beautiful !!

    See I CAN say something nice !!

  4. This was too cute…why does it seem so much more sophistiCATed when said in French?

  5. Hi Patty,
    So good to hear from you! There is nothing like a kitty on one's lap. We are now a house of two dogs, having until recently had three cats! Sadly our last one died in 2009.
    So glad you liked the photos–we had fun assembling them.
    My best to you and David,

  6. David,
    Have you had the opportunity to use this expression yet?

  7. As I typed the large number of cats in such a small country, I wondered if it might not be good for tourism!!….If you keep your windows closed, you are safe! Thanks for the big smile you put on my face!

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