1. An interesting interpretation of the Van Gogh exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

    While it would be nice to have the original that Vincent Van Gogh painted for his nephew, "Almond Blossoms", I have a more practicle, for me, substitute. It is a lovely tee shirt in the same lovely design. It is from the Philadelpha Museum of Art.

    As Susie put it, I could start a "Walking gallery of clothes by Van Gogh".

    What do you suppose he would say while rolling over in his grave? I'm sure he would have a few choice words, the least of which would be "Sacre Bleu !!!"

  2. I agree with you about the show title. I wonder if titling shows has become like headlines for newspapers – written by someone who has never read the article but skimmed a paragraph or two… or in this case, looked at a few images.

    But, that aside, the paintings are stunning and, although rain is NOT one of my favorite subjects, his portrayal was so well done that I actually shivered when I saw the image. And the almond blossoms… so captivating in live and on canvas.

    As I won't get to see this exhibition, I am so glad I got to 'see' it through your eyes! Many thanks!

    ~ David

  3. Thanks for sharing this lovely exhibition with your readers. Van Gogh is truly one of the greats and, arguably, captured the glory of Provence like no other artist before or after.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your comments on the exhibition and the photos of his work. How I wish we lived close enough to Philadelphia to see it! I think I must get the book. Thank you for sharing.

  5. "….wonderful Susan – I'd love the big exhibition poster on the wall….did you ever go to 'Cathedrale d'Images' just past Les Baux? This was closed last year due to a management dispute, but will open again 30/3/12 under new management and under the name of 'Carrieres de Lumieres' and the theme this year is 'Gaugin, Van Gogh, peintres de la couleur'….we'll miss when we're in Provence next month, but later this year we'll go….and always remember to bring a jumper, it's pretty cool 'in the rocks'…. :)" Lis

  6. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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