1. Oh, to be back at Les Deux Garçons again… As you say, the food is wonderful but the ambiance is something that you cannot get elsewhere… a trip back in time, bien sûr! When they make the movie of "Midnight in Aix," I will be among the first at the Box Office! Thanks, Susan – a wonderful post with lovely memories (yours AND ours!)

  2. Susan, I am regularly delighted with your "Modern Trobadors" subject matter but I gotta tell you…you really hit a home run with this one. Great approach, great writing, nice photos…I especially liked the one with Pam and D'Agneau!
    I had a good chuckle when I tried to picture you and Pam trying to sit together under a canapé though…I suspect you meant canopy? C'est vrai?
    Do you ever get to Provence in the real winter?
    Linda Amstutz

  3. Hi Linda,

    Thanks so much! The image of Pam, D'Agneau and me huddled beneath a small sandwich is too funny! I have corrected the error (so, no, dear readers, you will not find canapé in the text any more!).

    Yes, we do get over to Provence in the winter sometimes. I will keep my fingers crossed for this one!

    Thanks again!

  4. Memories…Kudos on the article. I learned much but to me 2G is the Manfull family, from our lunch the first day I moved to Provence to celebrating our last hurrah at the Bonbonniere and everything in between (including meeting you at Les Deux in the exploding Panda!) …it's the laughter we will remember…la da da da da da da

  5. Hi Susan,

    And I think Pablo Picasso should be played by Bruce Willis!

    cheers from Aix and environs, Jan

  6. Susan,
    Re your words to describe Les Deux Garcons and the Lost generation of the 1920s.
    "Ah, to be young enough and lucky enough to live in Aix" May I add:Or old enough to remember the Lost Generation of the 1920s!

    Our generation must be content to sit in the same seats that were once occupied by the rich and poor famous people of those days.

    Now we can just imagine what these famous ghosts surounding us would have ordered.

    Les Deux Garcons holds all those precious memories and secrets and guards them protectively, while we can only speculate.

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