1. The black truffle is being farmed just like any other crop but you make a lot more money with a black truffle farm than with traditional crops. A black truffle farm makes more money per acre than any other " legal "crop.

  2. Hi Stevan,
    Interesting. Tempting. Would love to hear more and will reach out to you for our upcoming newsletter devoted to truffles. Thanks so much for your comment.

  3. As usual, this makes me want to purchase a ticket to fly over and partake in all these festivities! I admit to a little fantasy when reading about the Santons – you could start the Third Millennium Village People – the Baker, the Fisherman, the Hunter, and the Policeman (one always has to have a policeman in the Village People…). But, hélas, these are mere dreams and I must return to just another beautiful day in the Sonoran desert…

  4. In the mean time, like the people in Provence who couldn't get to the church nativities, create your own characters crossing the Sonoran dessert en route to Bethlehem. You have no shortage of characters with which to work these days in Arizona!

  5. Love the atmospheric descriptions. They evoke the best of the pleasant summer days we spent in Lourmarin and the romance of snuggling into a warm cafe or bistro when we spent a New Year's in Paris. Croque madame et verre de vin quelqu'un?

    I haven't seen or heard the word "creche" since I was a boy. I don't know how that came into usage in our oh-so-w.a.s.p. household, but it was the norm, and when I heard "nativity scene" when we moved to New England it sounded clunky and inelegant! Thanks for stirring the memories!

  6. Thanks for the pleasure of stirring the memories! I wish that someone would offer me a croque madame et verre de vin about now!

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