• geomcq

    Will you attend a performance and tell us more?

    • Alas, no, I could not but it was such a nice thought! Good to hear from you George!

  • Jerry

    Given its English title I assume the play is aimed principally at ex-pats. Fair enough, though I hope some bi-lingual local French residents take it in to share in the fun.

    • I wonder what the audience composition typically is. I suspect the French would have as much fun with Peter Mayle as the ex-pats!

  • This sounds like lots of fun and a great premise! Wish I could be there to see it!

  • Karen (Back Road Journal)

    Just wondering if you’ve gotten to see the play since your interview?

    • Hi Karen,
      I did not get to see it. If I were in Provence right now, I definitely would have gone as I found the playwright immensely interesting and funny!

  • Pamela O’Neill

    Sounds like a fun group, wish I had gotten there to see the performance. Perhaps their next one.