• Henry


    Looks and sounds wonderful! Especially those gorgeous green and red peppers AND l'ail aux herbes: miam-miam!

    I'll be in Tours for the month of Oct. and could perhaps make a
    foray down to Lourmarin to visit this lovely town and see where Camus
    lived, etc. Not the high season for les marchés en plein air, I

    Merci bien! -Henry

  • Janice

    So many of the Luberon markets are catering to the tourists rather than the people who live there that a market like this is refreshing. Thanks fo bringing it to our attention.

  • The market looks lovely with such wonderful and colorful produce but, unlike Henry, I was not particularly moved by the photo of the confits d'ail! 🙂 I think it is fun to visit different markets just to see what is a little different in each. But Cucuron has my heart, too!

  • I talked with someone recently for whom La Tour-d’Aigues is her favorite. She said it has everything she wants, friendly vendors, and a pretty venue. She stressed that it is a "real" market as is, she said, the market in Pertuis. I will be covering the Pertuis market soon.

  • There are many people to choose to go to this market for the very reason you mention. In the next couple of weeks, I will write about the Pertuis market, another "authentic" market, according to locals.

  • October is still a busy time for markets. Not the elbow-to-elbow kind of crowds that summer brings but the offerings are still very good! Keep me posted on your travels!

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