• robin n

    my mouth was watering just reading this…
    sounds wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    France is banning the burqa? Very interesting…….

  • When I finished the article, I was so hungry for the same meal all over again!

  • France did "ban the burqa" (and any other covering that conceals the face) from being worn in public places. This went into effect back in 2010. It was recently challenged by a woman who was convicted for wearing a full-face veil in public. Here is one article about that case: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2014/01/08/Challenge-to-Frances-burka-law-rejected-by-court/UPI-29381389212972/

    Yes, the subject is very interesting.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Oh my… I wish we had been with you for this! The menu is exquisite and I love the seven vegetables! I do think I had it in Fez back in the 90s. Thanks for the notes on the cookbook used! I would love to discuss the use of the tagine to serve the couscous AND the tagine. When I was in Moroc, I was told that they always remained separate. The couscous came out on a platter, and then the tagine in a tagine afterwards. This was especially important as women were allowed to make the couscous (considered a coarse dish) and men only made the tagine (a fine dish). Have you ever heard that? Bises, David