1. I am not sure I have ever seen a Corsican wine, but there are a few places here who work with Kermit Lynch, so maybe I will get lucky! The lamb looked fantastic, and I could definitely get into some of that charcuterie!! ~ David

  2. Great article or blog on Corsican wine. Must go someday soon. Kathy

  3. The wine is definitely worth the search and it does go so well with that lamb dish. It is a Mark Bittman recipe from the November 27, 2013 NYT Magazine–there are quite a few that look delicious in that piece.

  4. I also made that same lamb dish after reading it in the paper and loved it. I have made it a couple more times since then as well. Claire

  5. Will look for the E Prove and the Comte Abbatucci here in Provence. Thanks, once again, for the great info..

  6. I thought it was a really interesting and appealing combination of flavors…and the wine went very nicely with it!

  7. I would be curious about other Corsican wines you find. There are some good roses from Corsica that are available in Provence!

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