• Informative post! Thank you for writing it.

  • Mary Norcross

    Hi Susan,

    I am visiting my sister, Germaine, in Paris. We will look for the wine.
    Most likely will not be in Provence. great article!

  • Thanks Kirsten–It's always fun to do this kind of research!

  • Hi Mary and Germaine,
    What are you two up to in Paris? Cooking classes? So good to hear from you. Let's plan a rendezvous when you return!

  • Susan – for starters, I am always impressed with the amount of research you do for your posts! Amazing! And this one was really fascinating, especially as I have so often heard of the Knights Templar but really knew nothing about them. And the wine sounds really good – as usual, I fear they won't be found in Tucson! ~ David

  • Hi David,
    This was a fun post, especially the research part! I sent a note off to the distributor to see if we can find out if there is a Tucson source. Will let you know! Thanks, as always, for your note!

  • Indeed, this is a wonderful post. Very informative. I'm working on a series of novels set in the Age of Chivalry, three of which belong to the sub-series "Tales from the Languedoc," and three to "The Templar Tales." You might, therefore, be interested in my website: . I hope you'll check it out!

  • Hi Helena,
    I thought I would take a quick peak at your website–and then return later–but it was so compelling, I ended up spending much more time on that site and others, reading about chivalry as well as many other interesting topics. I will return. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  • Glad you enjoyed it, Susan! Looks like we have much in common, and we'll just have to stay in touch virtually. Meanwhile, have a good weekend.